INVESTMENTS in developing leaders can only be fully utilised if all other aspects of an organisation's leadership system are attended to. Connecting Leadership is a one day seminar for HR directors, business leaders and L&D specialists that focuses holistically on generating leadership impact. It looks at the demand for leadership within relevant situations, explores how this is met through capacities and enables participants to create innovative ways of connecting leadership with overall business strategy.

in focus COURSE

A ONE DAY course that allows managers to improve their leadership practices by developing and utilising relevant skills. As well as gaining understandings of how leadership works in practical situations, participants take part in exercises in which they practise the skills they are developing. They also evaluate the situational demand for particular leadership skills and work on plans for both their own development and that of others people. The course emphasises this aspect in its subtitle: Developing Yourself & Others.

THESE TWO HOUR bites of learning give managers opportunities for discussing and practising aspects of leadership capacity that are relevant to their roles. Sessions can be flexibly fit within the working day, enabling leaders to apply skills straight away - so helping to close the utilisation gap. We currently offer ten two hour skills sessions within the 'pick and mix' system, to compliment our one day the course. They can also be clustered together within themes or used to fill gaps in existing  training and development programmes.


OPTIMAL WORKFORCE impact can only be realised where the leadership system within and around any organisation is functioning well. This places demands on strategy work that we can help to alleviate through light touch support and capacity building. Typically involving our Connecting Leadership seminar, we help people clarify their whole approach to integrated development and practice. We help clients attain the full benefits of 'connected' leadership strategy.

WE WORK WITH clients on 'optimising impact' programmes covering a range of work related themes. including learning transfer, skills utilisation, productivity and line management. We also provide one day 'optimising impact' seminars that help organisations develop their own programmes or bolster existing projects. This can allow our expertise to be utilised with minimal expenditure. Our flexible approach enables us to have an impact in many different ways.

LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT is not only a critical component of organisational strategy. It is also a major cost that requires carefully planned investment. Work in focus designs and delivers  leadership development programmes, based on our standard product range but also including elements that are specific to client situations. We also collaborate with internal L&D specialists, provide help with specific elements and train trainers to use our materials.


LEADERS, THEIR SKILLS AND HOW THEY USE THEM emerge from leadership experience. That is the practical reality facing anyone involved in developing themselves or others. Providing means for improvement that are detached from the hot action of work is a vital part of the development mix but, unless skills are quickly applied in practice, the returns on time and money invested are poor. The Work in focus approach places an emphasis on the interdependency between skills development and utilisation, concentrating effort on the impact of the leadership system as a whole. It helps organisations to clarify, strengthen and use connections between capacities and demands for leadership, deploying strategies that enable leadership to really work.